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Festival Wedding Venue

Is a festival theme the style that best reflects your personality? Then we can offer the perfect festival wedding venue here, at Crown Hall Farm. If you are a modern couple looking to make your own personal mark, or you would like a more casual affair inspired by the outdoors and festival fun, then you have come to the right place.

A festival themed wedding is not only lots of fun, but also a great way to make the most of your wedding budget, while still giving everyone a great time. And it's perfect for larger weddings, as it provides a less costly alternative to the traditional wedding breakfast.

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Bespoke Festival Weddings at Crown Hall Farm

We can provide a festival style wedding that is a unique celebration. With the great outdoors, live music, street food, flower crowns and a laid back vibe. Our experienced team will help you plan a wedding that is really ‘You’. Whether you want Boho, circus fun, shabby chic or Glastonbury glam we can certainly help you make it happen.

At Crown Hall Farm, a festival style wedding combines live music, delicious food and drink, lots of fairy lights and festoon lights, hay bales and giant outdoor games. We have plenty of trees on which to hang bunting and giant paper lanterns.

Our grass walkway, which starts among our silver birch trees, takes the bride along a natural aisle which can be filled with colour or flowers, bunting, mix and match rugs, or delicate white drapes that blow in the breeze.

The boat house is a unique ceremony space,  which can be decorated in keeping with the festival theme. What’s more, our tiered rustic wooden benches provide a great aspect for wedding photos. All the guests will have a great view. It also makes it easy to capture everyone in your wedding photos.

The luxury marquee at Crown hall Farm, decorated for a festival wedding: colourful paper lanterns and  light drapes

Most of our wedding packages can be styled into a festival wedding.

Click on one of the buttons below to browse through our all-inclusive packages or explore the special offers currently available.

Bride sitting on the boat bar at Crown hall Farm, surrounded by colourful by colourful decorations during a festival wedding

The romance can continue when you take a stroll around the lake for photos in our unique festival outdoor venue. The panoramic sides of our luxury marquee can be lifted so you have the perfect indoor/outdoor space.

Outdoor catering

We have a wide range of catering options including wicker hampers which can form beautiful table decorations. And, weather permitting, your guests can take them outside and eat on picnic rugs by the lake. We also offer a wide range of street food including barbeque, hog roast, fish and chips, hot filled rolls, wood fired pizzas and more.

Festival Entertaiment

One of the owners of Crown Hall  has played in bands for many years. Not only that he knows how important music is, but he also knows lots of musicians. Should you not have a favourite band already, he will be able to offer you lots of advice to make your festival wedding everything you dreamed it would be.

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Why not book a visit? We’ll have a lot to chat about and you can see for yourself that Crown Hall Farm is the ideal festival wedding venue.

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If you wish to discuss your wedding at Crown Hall Farm, please get in touch with our friendly team. 

Would you like to explore Crown Hall Farm? Join a group viewing or book an individual appointment with us.

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