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Event & Wedding Catering

Wedding catering

Indulge in the culinary magic of your special day with our exquisite wedding catering services at Crown Hall Farm.


From elegantly seated 3-course wedding breakfasts to the charm of informal picnics and sizzling BBQs, our skilled chefs curate on-trend wedding menus that showcase a delightful array of impeccably presented dishes.


We take pride in offering diverse menus designed to suit your preferences, ensuring your wedding celebration is a perfect reflection of your style and taste.

5-Star Food Hygiene Rating

Our dedication to excellence includes maintaining a high standard of food hygiene at Crown Hall Farm.

Click to rating to verify on the Food Standard's Agency website.


Event Catering -
Corporate and Private Events

Discover a spectrum of catering services at Crown Hall Farm tailored for corporate events and private functions. Whether you envision a relaxed or formal setting, indoor or outdoor affair, buffet-style, a picnic, or formal dining, we have the expertise to cater to your unique preferences.

Regardless of the occasion, our venue promises delectable cuisine and impeccable service. Our chefs meticulously source the finest ingredients, with a commitment to incorporating locally produced items whenever possible. We strive to craft menus that align with your requirements, taste, and budget.

Additionally, our services extend to providing lunches and light refreshments for meetings and conferences.

Customised Culinary Creations

Every love story is unique, and so should be the menu on your special day. Elevate your wedding experience by personalising your culinary journey with bespoke dishes, family recipes, and flavours that hold sentimental value.


Our chefs are delighted to collaborate with you, allowing you to infuse your personality into the menu.

Children's Menus

Whether your little ones prefer a mini culinary adventure or a familiar favourite, we offer children's menus tailored to specific dining styles.


For more information and to create a delightful experience for the youngest members of your celebration, please don't hesitate to get in touch and we'd be happy to discuss with you.

Catering for Dietary Requirements

At Crown Hall Farm, we pride ourselves on catering to all dietary requirements and needs individually, ensuring that every guest enjoys a culinary experience tailored to their preferences.


Rest assured, our commitment to customisation allows us to accommodate diverse dietary needs without compromising the excellence of our menu offerings.

Explore our sample menus by clicking the buttons below for the different styles of catering we offer.



Here is a small selection of our Canapés. The full list is available on request.

Hot canapés - (examples) King prawns with chilli dip, Spiced lamb meatballs with yogurt and mint dip, Manchego and Chorizo toasts, Mini red onion and feta tarts (V).

Cold canapés - (examples) Blinis topped with smoked salmon a sour cream and dill, Rocket, feta and parma ham bruschetta, Stilton and walnut scones filled with cream cheese (V), Thyme and Lincolnshire poacher scones with cream cheese and chives (V).

Dessert canapés - (examples) Chocolate fudge brownies, Tiny Devonshire scones with clotted cream and raspberry preserve, Fresh fruit kebabs with a honey and cream fraîche dips.

Prices from £9.31pp

4628 - Rebecca and Ray-02-2_edited.jpg
Chocolate Desserts
Seated meals

Seated Meals

Click on the tabs to see the different levels of sample menus.

Offer your guests a choice of 2 x starters, 3 x mains and 2 x desserts.


Bruschetta with garlic mushrooms

Smoked salmon & prawns with side salad

Spiced parsnip soup


Salmon and spinach with tartare cream sauce

Chicken supreme with wild mushroom sauce

Sage & onion stuffed pork fillet with apple gravy

Creamy leek and camembert risotto with garlic flatbread

All served with dauphinoise potatoes and seasonal vegetables


Baileys tiramisu

Hazelnut meringue with praline

Apple and cinnamon tart with custard

Price from £46.20 per person


Sizzling Barbeque Options

Click on the tabs to see the different levels of sample menus.

Choose 3 mains, 3 salad dishes, and 1 vegetarian dish.

Traditional Lincolnshire sausages
Homemade thick flank beef and onion burger
Homemade cracked black pepper and caramelised onion burger
Homemade pork and apple burger
Hot Spanish (Chorizo style) sausage
Piri Piri grilled chicken breast

Hand cut coleslaw with rich mayonnaise
Homemade potato salad
Boiled new potatoes with butter and mint
Mixed wild leaf salad
Italian pasta salad

Cherry tomato, basil and red onion salad with a balsamic glaze 

Vegetarian dishes

Mexican corn on the cob, Mixed vegetable kebab, Large stuffed mushroom layered with spinach and topped with halloumi

Price from £26.60 per person


Buffet Menus

Buffet Menu 1: 
Simply Filling

A traditional buffet packed with quality ingredients.

Assorted sandwiches
Granary, wholemeal and white bread
Mature cheddar
Roasted Ham
Turkey and mayonnaise
Egg and cress
Home baked Lincolnshire sausage rolls
Assorted vegetarian quiche
Crudites with a hummus dip
Assorted crisps 

Price from £14.40pp

Buffet Style
Buffet Menu 2:  
Appetising Classic

A popular choice boasting “high-quality, home-cooked food”.

Assorted sandwiches
Roasted ham
Beef and horseradish
Egg and cress
Tuna and cucumber
Mature cheddar
Turkey and mayonnaise
Assorted vegetarian quiche
Local pork pie with chutney
Home baked Lincolnshire sausage rolls
Sweet chilli chicken skewers
Assorted crudites with hummus
Kettle chips

Price from £18.00pp

Hors D'oeuvres
Buffet Menu 3:  

A luxury twist on our classic buffet:

Assorted sandwiches and mini-rolls
Roasted ham
Beef and horseradish
Chicken and sage
Mature Cheddar
Egg and cress
Smoked salmon and cucumber
Lincolnshire sausage plait
Assorted vegetarian quiche
Smoked salmon and prawn bruschetta
Sweet chilli chicken skewers
Mozzarella pearls with Parma ham
Crudites with hummus
Kettle chips

Price from £20.40pp


Classic Carvery Experience

Indulge in the time-honoured tradition of our Traditional Carvery, featuring a choice of expertly hand-carved meats, a delectable array of seasonal vegetables, and all the trimmings.

Two-Courses, 1 x Meat: £30.00 - £33.00pp

Two-Courses, 2 x Meats: £32.40 - £34.20pp

Hog Roast.jpg
Mouth Watering Hog Roast

Satisfy your cravings with our Mouth-Watering Hog Roast. Enjoy freshly carved hog served in baked rolls with apple sauce and stuffing.

Complete the experience with homemade coleslaw, new potatoes, pasta salad, and green salad.

Hog Roast - Price varies based on the quantity of people. Please reach out for personalised enquiries and let us craft the perfect hog roast experience for your event.

Hog Roast
Snacks and Appetizers

Luxury Picnic

Embrace a relaxed and luxurious dining experience with our bespoke Luxury Picnic. Delight in an assortment of casual yet sophisticated delights, including:

Assorted selection of sandwiches & mini rolls with your choice of fillings

Individual quiches

Sausage rolls

Scotch eggs

Red onion coleslaw

Pork pie

Kettle chips

Selection of homemade cakes

Luxury Picnic - £30.26pp

Afternoon tea
Fresh Baked Scones

Delightful Afternoon Tea

Indulge in the timeless charm of our Delightful Afternoon Tea. Immerse yourself in a traditional experience featuring:

Assorted sandwiches, including classics like smoked salmon and cucumber, Wiltshire ham & egg and cress

Clotted cream and jam fruit scones

Almond slice

Victoria sandwich cakes

Lemon drizzle cake

Millionaire shortbread

Bakewell tart

All complemented by a delightful variety of teas, coffees, and refreshing elderflower pressé

Afternoon Tea - £33.00pp

Casual dining

Casual Dining Options

Appetising Wood Fired Pizza

Elevate your event with this mouthwatering pizza feast that promises to satisfy every palate. Each 12-inch pizza is a masterpiece, crafted with hand-tossed dough and stone-baked to perfection.


Personalise your pizza with favourite toppings, including the delightful addition of garlic bread.

Add on a selection of salads to turn it into more of a meal for you and your guests. 

Served outside from our pizza hut.

Wood Fired Pizza - £21.56pp

Bourne Academy Prom 2022-18.JPG
Image by Carnivore Style
Tasty Hot Rolls

Guests help themselves to a delightful array of Tasty Hot Rolls, offering a perfect blend of simplicity and flavour. Depending on your guest numbers, choose 2 or 3 options from below:

Bacon baps

Cod finger sandwiches

Halloumi burgers (v)

Veggie burgers (v)

Lincolnshire sausages in finger rolls

Mini cheeseburgers

Tasty Hot Rolls - £13.31pp

Classic Fish and Chips

Indulge in the timeless joy of Tasty Fish and Chips, served in trays from a traditional van outside, with all the traditional trimmings. A perfect combination of flaky fish, golden fries, a splash of vinegar, and a sprinkling of salt.

Scrumptious Gourmet Burgers

Delight in a diverse selection of gourmet burgers, ranging from classic beef to tantalising chicken and chorizo, accompanied by an array of toppings and sauces for your personalisation. Self served.

Gourmet Burgers - £13.20pp

Fish & Chips Plate
Vegetarian Burger
Street Food

Indulge in a casual dining experience with our enticing Street Food options all served outside from our pizza hut for guests to help themselves to. Explore the possibilities and pricing below, and don’t hesitate to discuss your preferences with us:

Late evening meal.jpg
BBQ Burger
Image by Max Griss
hamburger (1)-2.jpg
Image by Douglas Lopez

Pulled pork brioche rolls, slaw & pickles



Smoked Beef Brisket, brioche rolls, slaw & pickles


Mexican - Beef Burritos



Korean Pork Bao Buns with chilli/soy dip



Spanish Seafood Paella



Street Food

Enhance any casual dining experience by adding our delectable desserts to the mix. Choose from a tempting array including ice cream, waffles, cheesecake, gateau, roulade, lemon meringue pie, and more.


Price varies based on the quantity of people. Please reach out for personalised enquiries.

Treat Yourself!

We believe that every bite should be a celebration, and our curated selection of refreshments and treats is crafted to add something unforgettable.


Picture a charming vintage ice cream bike, exuding nostalgia with every scoop, or a sweetie cart overflowing with irresistible confections that evoke the whimsy of childhood. Elevate your taste experience with a cheese cart featuring artisanal delights, satisfy your cravings with the posh popcorn and crisp walls, and treat yourself to the allure of a donut wall. 

We can provide all of the above, so please get in touch to discuss adding any of these onto your wedding package.


If you have any questions about event or wedding catering at Crown Hall Farm, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly team.

Is crockery & cutlery included?

If you use our in-house catering, crockery and cutlery is included.

If you choose to use your own caterers, they will need to provide everything, and take everything away with them.

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