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Corporate Bingo - Musical Bingo Team Building

Corporate Bingo - Musical Bingo Team Building

Min 40



Price per person:  From 

Corporate bingo with a musical twist - this is a much more entertaining version of the traditional bingo game.

Instead of numbers, the cards display song titles or artist names. The compare plays 15-20 seconds of a song. The players try to identify the song and, if they have it on their card, they mark it off.

Prizes are awarded for lines, corners or a full house. This game is accessible for anyone and can be played as individuals, pairs or larger teams.

A possible run of play for your corporate bingo activity

12 noon

Welcome with tea and coffee


Introducing the plan for the day!


Team building lunch - Pizza Workshop


Start the musical bingo


Drink, mingle and relax (Unlimited drinks package)


Kings and Queens of Pop award ceremony

Customise your corporate bingo team building day

  • Alternative food choices - if you prefer we can provide a 2 or 3 course seated menu, buffet, BBQ, afternoon tea or street food

  • Alternative drinks - we can tailor a drinks package to your requirements

  • Add more activities - If you bring a large team to your event, or if you wish the fun to last longer, we can add more activities, ensuring that everyone gets to have a go at each game. 

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