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Event & Wedding

Wedding Brochures

Wedding Brochure 2024

An introduction to Crown Hall Farm weddings and overview of what we have to offer.

CHF Wedding Brochure.png

Wedding Add-Ons 2024

Take a look at our comprehensive range of add-ons to elevate your special day.

CHF Wedding Add-Ons.png

Wedding Prices 2024

Prices for venue hire, food, drinks, entertainment, add-ons and more information.

CHF Prices & Packages.png

All-Inclusive Packages

Discover our brand new all-inclusive packages - your wedding, made easy!

Crown Hall Farm-Leanne Jacob 2.jpg

Catering & Food Brochures

Bar Prices 2024

Our 2024 Bar Prices. If you would like more information about drinks, get in touch.

Phillipa & Philip_Rebekah Robert-489.jpg

Cocktail Brochure

Add something extra to your special event and upgrade your drinks package to cocktails.

4825 - Amy and Daniel-20.jpg

Catering & Drinks Options

Our range of Catering & Drinks options with prices for 2024. Get in touch for future pricing.

CHF Catering & Drinks.png

Desserts Brochure

Take a look at some dessert ideas we can provide for your event to finish off your meal.

CHF Desserts.png

Private Hire Brochures

Party Brochure 2024

We are delighted to assist you in creating a memorable and enjoyable event.

CHF Party Brochure.png

Other Useful Documents

Info for External Suppliers

A comprehensive guide tailored for external suppliers to meet your needs.

External Suppliers.png

Reminders for Guests

Reminders you can send out to your guests regarding taxi's, leaving cars and alcohol.


Furniture Plan Template

A template to help you plan your furniture in the marquee with guide table and chair size.

Furniture Plan.png

Nearby Accommodation

A useful list of other accommodation in the area near to our venue. 

Wedding Venue Accommodation.webp

Recommended Suppliers

A useful list of other our recommended suppliers who can help you with your event.

GDC Weddings.jpg

Menu Choice Template

A template to help record your guests menu choices, ordered by table and dish.

Meal Template.png

If you have any questions that are not covered above, please get in touch with our friendly team. 


Would you like to explore Crown Hall Farm? Join a group viewing or book an individual appointment with us.

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