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I’m Scared, Get Me Out of Here

I’m Scared, Get Me Out of Here



Price per person:  From 

Min 25

Just like the popular "I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here" TV show, your team will compete to win stars.

This is hilarious fun and can be messy too! The game can be played as one entire team or within smaller teams, all with a shared goal. We begin by putting all participants' names into a hat and drawing out the names of those who will compete in the challenge.

Team spirit, communication and leadership all come into play. Team members who are not picked to take part in the competition are just as important to the teams' success - their support and guidance will be the decisive factor in wining the stars.

A possible agenda for your team building event

12 noon

Reception with tea and coffee


Introducing the activity


Team building lunch - Pizza Workshop


Time to start the first of many challenges!


Drink, mingle and relax (Unlimited drinks package)


Award ceremony

Customise your team building event

  • Alternative food choices - if you prefer we can provide a 2 or 3 course seated menu, buffet, BBQ, afternoon tea or street food

  • Alternative drinks - we can tailor a drinks package to your requirements

  • Add more activities - If you bring a large team to your event, or if you wish the fun to last longer, we can add more activities, ensuring that everyone gets to have a go at each game. 

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