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What Is a Wedding Celebrant, How to Find One and How Much Does It Cost?

Religious and registry office wedding ceremonies are well known to everybody, but what is a wedding celebrant? Before you make a decision as to who will preside over your wedding

ceremony, you will probably want to explore the choices available to you. We know from so

many conversations with couples, that they often don’t know who could officiate their wedding

and the small differences between who they could employ.

We spoke to the wonderful Gill at Vidal Ceremonies, who has kindly agreed to answer some

of the frequent questions couples ask.

See the video at the bottom of the page.

What is a wedding celebrant?

A celebrant is a creator of ceremonies, who helps couples choose how they celebrate their

special day. Unlike registrars or religious leaders, celebrants are not limited in what they can write into a ceremony. And they are able to offer alternative options for how your celebration is created. The goal of a celebrant is to create a very personal experience, which reflects your family’s wishes. Besides the words that will be spoken, your ceremony can also include symbolic gestures that represent your journey as a couple. Another point to note is that legal words don’t have to be said within a celebrant ceremony. For couples who perhaps are coming from different cultures and would like to combine traditions, this is a great solution.

Differences between a celebrant and a registrar. Is a wedding legal if performed by a celebrant?

At present, celebrants are unable to officiate a ceremony, but this can be quickly resolved by a 30 minute registration of marriage at a local town hall, in a similar way to what you would If you were getting married abroad.

What is a humanist wedding?

There are different types of celebrants, and your choice is entirely personal. The main types

of celebrant fall into two categories, a humanist celebrant and civil celebrant.

With a humanist celebrant, the ceremony applies a non-religious viewpoint and for the majority

won’t include religious elements like prayers, but will support cultural aspects. Civil celebrants

conduct ceremonies independently from any belief system, but will happily incorporate

religious and spiritual elements into the ceremony.

Where can a celebrant ceremony be held?

The beauty of a celebrant ceremony is that it can be held almost anywhere - unlike a

ceremony officiated by a registrar, which has to be done in a licenced area approved by the

local council. Up until recently, ceremonies could only be held in a building or under a structure, however this was extended to include the outdoor space within the grounds of the


What other occasions could a celebrant be used for?

The beauty of a celebrant is that they can be with you for any significant life event, helping to

mark some of life’s biggest milestones - weddings, baby naming, renewal of vows and family

blending ceremonies. It’s all within their repertoire to deliver a beautiful ceremony filled with

meaning, love and joy.

How much does a celebrant cost?

The cost of a marriage celebrant can vary depending on the style of ceremony you wish to

create. A celebrant has a wide variety of ways to conduct your ceremony, from using sand

and other materials to owls flying your rings into your ceremony, all of which have a different

cost. The best advice we can give is to get in touch with a celebrant like Gill, who

is warm, friendly and welcoming. Your first consultation is free and you get the opportunity to

get to know the person who may become a lifelong figure in your family.

Your wedding day is one of the happiest days of your life, filled with joy, love, happiness and

hope for the future. It should be a day that tells your story and gives your guests a real feel

of the occasion, whether it's hosted by a registrar, celebrant, or in a place of religious


If you’re contemplating having your wedding at Crown Hall farm, our friendly wedding

coordinators will help plan your ceremony, as well as every other aspect of your special day.

Take a look at our interview in the video below

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