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Supplier Highlight: GDC Weddings & Events - Decor Supplier

Wedding Decor Supplier at Crown Hall Farm
Gail from GDC Weddings & Events setting up at Crown Hall Farm

The Journey of GDC Weddings & Events

My journey into the world of wedding decor began with a children's party company. I offered themed dressed tables for kids' parties, and it quickly became popular. Parents started asking for decor for adult events, and soon after, the weddings took off. From those early days, GDC Weddings & Events was born, and our passion for creating stunning wedding decor has only grown.

What Sets GDC Apart from other Wedding Decor Suppliers

At GDC Weddings & Events, we pride ourselves on using only the highest quality artificial florals. Our commitment to excellence means that we dress every wedding as if it were our own, always aiming for that "wow" factor. Our artificial flowers are so realistic that they often surprise our clients and their guests, adding a touch of timeless elegance to every event.

Comprehensive Wedding Decor Services

We offer total venue styling for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Our services transform any location into a breathtaking setting, perfectly tailored to your unique vision. Whether it's a grand ballroom or a cosy garden, we bring your dream decor to life with meticulous attention to detail.

Wedding Decor Supplier in Luxury Marquee Wedding Venue
GDC at Crown Hall Farm

Our Creative Process

When working with couples to design their wedding decor, I always ensure that our style complements the venue itself. We also pay close attention to the bride’s overall look, making sure that every element of the decor harmonises beautifully with her style. This thoughtful approach guarantees a cohesive and stunning visual experience for the wedding day.

Popular Themes and Trends in the World of Wedding Decor Suppliers

Recently, we've seen a trend towards elegant, all-white themes featuring gypsophila and roses. These choices create a sophisticated and romantic ambiance, making them a popular choice among our clients. Our ability to bring these timeless themes to life has made us a go-to wedding decor supplier.

Memorable Projects

One of our most memorable projects was a large-scale corporate event where we created feather centrepieces for 40 tables. This ambitious project showcased our ability to handle significant and unique requests, delivering spectacular results that exceeded expectations. It was a true testament to our creativity and dedication.

Pink floral wedding decor supplied by GDC at Crown Hall Farm
Crown Hall Farm dressed by GDC Weddings & Events

Reflecting Unique Styles

We ensure that each couple's wedding decor reflects their unique style and vision by working closely with them from the start. We ask couples to send us images of their vision, and most brides already have a particular style in mind based on our previous work. This collaborative approach ensures that the final decor perfectly captures their unique preferences.

Advice for Couples

My advice to couples starting to plan their wedding decor is to enjoy the process! Take your time to look around and make sure you're happy with what your stylist has to offer. Planning your decor should be a joyful and exciting part of your wedding journey.

Staying Up-to-Date with Trends

We stay current with the latest trends and innovations in the wedding industry by looking at what's happening in the United States. This allows us to bring fresh and innovative ideas to our clients, ensuring that our decor is always stylish and contemporary.

Exciting Upcoming Projects

We are excited about all our upcoming projects. Each one is an opportunity to create something magical and unique. Our passion and dedication to delivering exceptional wedding and event decor shine through in every project we undertake.


Thank you to Gail from GDC Events for her time to put together this blog post during such a busy time!

To learn more about GDC Weddings & Events and see their stunning work in action, visit the links below:

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