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Wedding Supplier Highlight: Moss and Bloom - Artificial Wedding Flowers

Artificial wedding flowers

The Story Behind Moss and Bloom

Hello, I am Nicola, the owner of Moss and Bloom and the creative designer behind all our floral arrangements. Moss and Bloom was founded out of a deep passion for artistry and all things floral.

My love for flowers began in my childhood, surrounded by beautiful blooms on our family farm. I spent school holidays cropping and packing flowers with my Dad and Grandpa, which ignited my floral journey.

In recent years, the rising costs of fresh flowers have made artificial florals a more cost-effective option. Today, artificial wedding flowers are more authentic and realistic than ever before. At Moss and Bloom, we select only the finest artificial stems that replicate the natural beauty of real flowers and foliage. Attention to detail is crucial, from every petal to each leaf. We offer a wide variety of flowers in colours you’d find in nature.

Our work is natural and organic, often incorporating dried stems like pampas, a popular choice for its neutral tones and added texture. We create a wide array of artificial wedding flowers, from seasonal wreaths and home décor to floral installations. The demand for artificial wedding florals has increased, keeping us busy throughout the year with wedding projects.

Nicola creating artificial flower bouquet
Nicola from Moss & Bloom

Advantages of Using Artificial Flowers at Weddings and Events

If you are recently engaged or planning a wedding or event, one important decision is whether to opt for fresh or artificial flowers. Increasingly, clients and couples are choosing faux florals over fresh for their beauty and affordability. The main advantage is that you can keep and gift them after the big day.

Other benefits of high-quality, realistic artificial wedding flowers include:

  • Stress-free: Selected and collected in advance, with no wilting or allergy issues to worry about.

  • Low maintenance: They don't require any upkeep and are long-lasting.

  • Seasonal flexibility: Any flower can be selected regardless of the season.

Brides love the idea of keeping their bouquet as a special keepsake and reminder of their special day. Hiring venue florals is also attractive to couples due to the high cost and wastage concerns of fresh flowers.

Ensuring Realistic and High-Quality Artificial Wedding Flowers

At Moss and Bloom, we understand the growing demand for beautiful artificial flowers that look real and last. We handpick every stem with a simple ethos: if it doesn’t look real and true to nature, we don’t buy it. We pride ourselves on using only the finest flowers and foliage.

Our biggest compliment is hearing, “I can’t believe they are not real.” This feedback, received time and again, means the world to us.

Artificial wedding flowers at lakeside boathouse ceremony location
Moss & Bloom's work at Crown Hall Farm

Common Misconceptions About Artificial Wedding Flowers

In the past, artificial flowers were often made from poor-quality materials. However, technological advances have made faux flowers that replicate live ones. Carefully selected, they look and feel real. Today’s artificial flowers are more durable, realistic, and attractive, making stunning bouquets and beautiful arrangements.

Realistic, quality artificial foliage can also enhance and complement arrangements. The wide choice available offers variations of shades and tones, often used alone or mixed to create spectacular displays. The popularity of artificial flowers has grown due to increased awareness and visual presence on social media and platforms like Pinterest, a great place for floral inspiration.

Memorable Projects and Their Impact

Every wedding, event, bouquet, or arrangement is personal to our clients and special to us. At Moss and Bloom, we work closely with all our clients to ensure we create their floral vision. Flowers and foliage at any wedding or event provide atmosphere and create a sense of occasion.

Each project, no matter how big or small, is important to us. We strive to ensure our couples and clients are happy and thrilled with the results. We have created numerous venue florals for many weddings, events, and styled shoots, each project being unique and bespoke to their requirements.

Couple kissing in boathouse with Moss & Bloom flowers in foreground
Moss & Bloom's Flowers at Crown Hall Farm

Working with Couples to Choose the Perfect Faux Flowers

We meet couples at venue open days, wedding fairs, or via recommendations from previous clients, fellow wedding suppliers, our social media, or our website. Potential clients are invited for a no-obligation appointment where we discuss their event or wedding in detail.

We ask about the theme, style, and colours they have in mind. We help alleviate any overwhelm by offering advice and sharing our knowledge. We discuss the venue and its potential floral opportunities and encourage clients to show us photos of florals they love.

We offer a wide variety of flowers and greenery to view, along with buttonhole samples, bridal and bridesmaids' bouquets, and venue décor. Attention to detail in planning and design is crucial in creating florals that reflect the client's or couple’s vision. From wedding cake décor to arch installations, we can supply all your wedding or event florals, whether you seek bright, bold statement florals or simple, elegant flowers.

Key Benefits of Choosing Faux Flowers for Longevity and Sustainability

Artificial flowers and foliage are an eco-friendly alternative to fresh flowers. Hiring faux florals is a sustainable choice, as reusing and repurposing them has a significant positive impact on the environment.

One of the many benefits of artificial wedding flowers is their longevity, allowing you to enjoy them for many years after the event. Faux arrangements and bouquets make lovely gifts for family and friends, making them a perfect option for special occasions and events.

Exciting Upcoming Projects and Events

This year, 2024, is another exciting year for Moss and Bloom, with a busy calendar of weddings and seasonal projects. From meadow florals created with wildflowers and dried poppies in vintage milk churns to boho-inspired pampas arch installations, all our wedding florals are unique and highly personal.

The changing seasons bring exciting projects involving a variety of flower types. We create arrangements and installations for homes, businesses, and gardens. Our faux seasonal wreaths are extremely popular not only at Christmas but all year round.

We are grateful to those who have entrusted us to create their florals. We would love to hear from you if you require our services.



Thank you to Nicola for her wonderful words and insight into the world of artificial wedding flowers.

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