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Eco-Friendly Wedding Planning in Honour of Earth Day

Did you know that one wedding can produce as much as 20kg of plastic waste?

We certainly didn’t! So, it's no surprise that couples are looking for more sustainable and eco-friendly options for their big day.

As a wedding venue, we understand the importance of minimising our environmental impact and are committed to sustainable practices. In honour of Earth Day this month, we wanted to share how we're making changes to help guide couples toward hosting more sustainable weddings.

At Crown Hall Farm, we're always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and minimise waste. Here are just a few of the sustainable practices we've implemented:

Renewable Energy:

We've invested in solar panels to power our venue, reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and decreasing our carbon emissions.

Composting and Recycling:

We’re lucky to have enough space to have an on-site composting and recycling program to divert waste from landfill. We encourage couples and their guests to find ways to reduce their use of single-use items too. It’s also the reason we don’t allow anything other than compostable confetti - So we can ensure a minimal environmental impact (And protect our farm wildlife)

Locally Sourced Food and Drinks:

We work with local companies to source seasonal, organic, and sustainably grown food and drinks for our events. This reduces transportation emissions and supports our local economy.

Low-Waste Decor:

We offer a variety of low-waste decor options, including a range of up-cycled stands, easels and ladders as well as supplying fabric tablecloths as part of your standard venue package, to reduce the amount of single-use decor items that end up in the landfill.

At Crown Hall Farm, we're committed to sustainability and making a positive impact on the environment. We believe that by implementing these practices, we can create a beautiful and memorable wedding whilst reducing our environmental impact.

If you're looking for a sustainable wedding venue that shares your values, we'd love to work with you to create your dream wedding.

You can speak to the team about all of our packages and sustainable practices or book a viewing by emailing us at -

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