Baby Shower Venue - Baby Shower Packages

A baby shower is an opportunity for friends and family to shower the parents-to-be with gifts that they will need when the little one arrives. The versatility of our venue and our family oriented approach makes Crown Hall Farm the perfect baby shower venue. 

If your baby shower happens in the warm season, you can enjoy our outdoor venue to the full. Our 3 acres of landscaped grounds will be yours for the day. When the parents-to-be have been showered with gifts, the games played and the food enjoyed, you and your guests can relax in the outdoor seating or take a stroll to feed the ducks. 

Our stunning grounds make the perfect backdrop for baby shower photo shoots. On a fair summer day, the sides of the marquee can be lifted, so that the outdoor and indoor space become seamless. If the weather happens not to be on your side, no worries! The marquee has both heating and air conditioning.

How will you entertain your guests? Here are some of the games people play at baby shower parties:

  • Guess the baby food - Each person samples some baby food and writes down what they think it is eg. Baby food A = cottage pie. The host reveals the answers at the end and your guests see how effective their taste buds are!

  • Smell the nappy - Real nappies are smeared with a wide range of smelly things, luckily even though they may look like the real contents of nappies, they are not! Your guests guess what is in each nappy.

  • Who’s that baby? All the guests bring baby photos of themselves, the challenge is to match everyone in the room with his or her photo.

  • You have heard of hook-a-duck. Well, how about hook-a-baby?  All the same principles apply and prizes are optional.

  • The Price is Right - Show a range of baby items and ask each guest to guess the price. The winner is the guest who’s price was the closest to the highstreet price.

Pregnant Woman
mom to be receiving gifts at baby shower venue
  • Name the "baby" tune - Find tunes with the word “baby" in the lyrics e.g. “Ice Ice baby” “Be my baby”, “Baby, I love your way”.... Play an excerpt from the song and everyone tries to name the song.

  • What am I? The guests take turns wearing a hat to which labels are attached naming baby items e.g. bib, nappy, baby car seat etc. They ask questions and the rest of the guests answer with only yes or no. Can they guess what they are?

  • Nursery rhyme knowledge - The host sings a line from a famous nursery rhyme and the guests have to name it.

  • Nappy changing relay race.

Want something different? We have plenty of ideas and the props to back them.

Baby Shower Packages

At Crown Hall Farm, you will find not just a baby shower venue, but all event related services in one place.  Our sister company, Ace Tones Entertainments, boasts an unrivaled selection of entertainers, games and fun activities. Should you wish to make your baby shower celebration an especially fun event, there are lots of entertainment options that you can add. Have a look at our Entertainment  pages to find out more.

The food is, of course, one of the most important things to get right. Our experienced chefs can tailor the menu to your wishes. Choose from buffets, fresh pizzas, chinese food or hot plated food.

We create tailored baby shower packages for our clients, to include the venue hire and bespoke decoration, entertainment, catering and any other service that you require towards organising your party. Event planning is included in the price.

Please get in touch with our friendly team to find out more.